Thursday, July 3, 2008

Welcome to Amazon Green Forest Tours

Amazon Green Forest Tours is an outdoor agency run by Elso Lima in Manaus. Elso is from the Amazonas and has extensive experience of more than 12 years of leading and organizing tours in the jungle. He has previously served in the army and also gone on trips for as long as 90 days. He can arrange trips based on your needs.

Amazon Green Forest Tours
is a new company, and Elso Lima has earned a lot of good reviews on Lonely Planet, as well as from a lot of travellers who have gone on trips with him as the guide.

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Contact Details:

Elso Lima

685, 10 de julho (Inside Hotel Rei).


Phone: +55-92-9624-1174.



wikus said...

Hi all, we went on a 6 day trip with Elso. The trip was unberlievable and really was so much more than we could ever have expected.
The activities that are organised for you include canoeing, pink dolphin and sloth searches, alligator spotting (even got to hold one), jungle treks, camping over night in the jungle, visiting local people and piranha fishing and pretty much anything that you would like to incorporate into your trip and are very well organised and really are a lot of fun!
The tour has a great balance between roughing it in the jungle and staying at the lodge (and the food is unbelievably good) and the nice thing is is that you can organise your trip the way you want it to be and do not need to stick to a schedule which means that you get exactly what you want out of the trip which is really awesome!

Our guide Elso was extremely knowledgeable about everything in the jungle and really is a great allround and funny guy. He´s also fluent in English and really adds so much to the trip! We learned so many interesting things about the jungle and the local people that, without Elso, we never would have been able to appreciate...

I definately recommend Elso´s trip to any traveller in search of any type of trip into the amazon!!

Ulrich said...

I am a 22 year old male. Me and my two friends were travelling through Brazil for the first time and were really excited about getting the best jungle experience possible! However we were quite nervous about which company to choose to go with, seeing that this was a very special opportunity for us and we did not know when or if we were ever going to be in ther amazon again!

After doing a bit of research we contacted amazon Green Forest tours. What a great choice we made. From the get go these guys treated us like kings. Open, honest, friendly, and helpful in all kinds of ways.

We went on the 6 day jungle expedition package with Elso LIma. Elso is a great guy. He has a wealth of knowledge about the jungle having grown up there, and he truly tried to make our trip as memorable for us as he could. He is a guide that went beyond what was expected, doing little things that he did not have to that made our trip fantastic.

We saw pink dolphins, sloths, went fishing, visited locals, went jungle trekking, slept in the rainforest, went paddling, night alligator hunting, saw giant lillies. We saw and learnt about a large variety of anumals and fish, and were left in awe about all the different plants and their uses - all explained to us by elso lima.

The whole comany believes in helping people and forming great relationships. This is what we experienced, and amazing fun time, informative, and filled with a lot of laughs and moments of wow!

If I ever return to the amazon I am going to contact Elso again!

Martin said...

Amazon Gero Tours offered packages of between 2 and 20 days. My two friends and I opted for 5 nights and 6 days. There were many activities for us to partake in, ranging from pink dolphin and caiman spotting to pirana fishing. we stayed in the lovely lodages althouh we had the option of staying on a house boat. We even spent one night in the jungle where Elso Lima prepared everyting needed for a comfortable, safe and most of all exciting mini adventure. Elso was on the whole an amazing guide who possessed both the social skills and jungle knowledge to make the trip unbelievable. Moreover, Gero, along with Elso also introduced us to the local people who live in the Amazon. We played a soccer game with them and spent an afternoon with them and their vast array of pets (including snakes and monkeys). Gero and Elso also impressed us by helping the communities with social projects, of which we had the privelage of seeing. Overall and amazing tour with helpful staff and a very good guide in Elso Lima.Thank you!!!!